Our technology
and our company

Our engineers and founder started Rail Cloud Hosting after spending nearly 20 years in various roles in information technology and hosting.

Built on one of the strongest cloud networks. Google has provided datacenter solutions never thought possible even 5 years ago! We have been able to expand our hosting and application services because of our quality first method.

Quick History About Us.

From the beginning our engineers and founder had one goal. That was to provide the best web hosting and cloud platforms for clients. Sure we could create cheap hosting solutions like the rest of the world, but we would be no different and the same issues you see of non-personal service, poor technical setups, and hosting that negatively affects small business needs would exist.

We don't work on volume and our goal is to have clients for life. This model has proven successful in that we can offer solutions, and even partner with other professional services to combine them with ours to bring the best performance at the best price.

Our partners