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We provide hosting and website features that are well known, needed and provide amazing savings. While most hosting providers try to attract you with a cheap price (Godaddy, Hostgator, BueHost etc..) they severely lack what a business with web goals needs.

We've decided to target businesses that need a professional hosting solutions and the tools needed for results.

From embedding the amazing with your domain ($100/mth alone) to free SSL, TopRank Reviews Plugins and more premium features that years of experience has taught us what works best for small businesses .

When you look at what we are charging and what you are getting you'll be running to signup when you realize you save money! Not only do you save money, but our services offered help you grow your business! Our hosting is targeted for small business that are serious about there website, performance and goals. Read below for more details. Reporting

Why pay $100 a month when you can have it free for less AND hosting! provides the world's best search engine reporting and analytics in the world and will help you achieve search engine results.

This deal alone makes Rail Cloud Hosting a great choice as you'll avoid having t pay for hosting & Moz separately.

All our hosting clients will get their domain to use with and allow you to see competitive analytics and information to better assist your SEO efforts.

Our partner program has allowed us to offer our clients Moz on their domains through our hosting company. Enjoy search engine reporting tools, analytics that will help you understand your competition and what you are doing wrong or right when it comes to SEO tactics. Begin today to see the benefits of Rail Cloud Hosting.

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Top Rank Reviews Plugin

We teamed up with Top Rank Web Group to offer this amazing Wordpress Business reviews plugin for free to all our hosted clients. Top Rank Web Group is a world class provider in small business websites and digital marketing solutions.

This plugin allows for you to display your Google and other online business reviews on your website.

It's an amazing digital marketing tool that works wonders for small businesses to display the excellent work, reviews and recommendations by the public.

Once installed, you can control which reviews show up on your website and manually enter new reviews as needed. It's one of the best digital marketing plugins we've seen that helps in conversion rates for your audience.People love reviews...why not show them instantly!

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FREE SSL Setup & Install

Every other hosting company wants to nickel and dime you as you find out you need things like SSL and more. We provide it by default. You do nothing! We automatically install and maintain SSL certificates for you.

Godaddy, Comodo and others all charge you from $80 to $225 a year for this.

You'll pay nothing when you host your WordPress website with us and we maintain your SSL for life!.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security protocol that lets you transmit data via encrypted means. This lets you achieve that lock or secure icon in browsers. Today search engines like Google gives SEO preference to websites running SSL on their websites.

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BeThemes Partnership

Our hosting plans come with one full license to install and use BeThemes for your Wordpress website. BeThemes has over 280 ready to go professionally designed themes for you to choose from! Save hundreds on design and have your website up and running in no time. We even install it for you!.

There are hundreds of thousands of theme makers out in the world today. We choose to work with the best period!.

Our partnership with BeThemes allows you to choose from any of the pre-installed web designed themes they have. We set up the entire process for you and leave you with a fully setup and installed theme with demo content

Easily manage your own website and modify information with the easy to use Theme manager in your login. BeThemes has provided an extensive "How-To" library of tutorials for you to find out information on editing the theme further. Don't have time or want us to do it? We can easily setup and customize your web theme further for a small fee.

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Embedded SEO

Search engine optimization play a vital role in your business being easily found on the web. With Rail Cloud Hosting we have provided embedded optimization that comes out of the box!

Spend less upfront to optimize your website for search engines to find you online. Simple, easy to do, and save money!.

All our hosting plans come with custom plugins that you woudl have to pay for extra to run basic seo services. Using tools like Yoast are an easy way to ruin good search engine plans and results that you may have.

Our engineers have come from some of the top search engine placement agencies and have created simple tools and provide free information for any do it yourself account owners who want to seo/sem themselves. Along with saving money on unneeded third party tools, you'll make money from growing your business.

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Mobile Ready

Our super fast hosting servers, lightning fast CDN's, embedded search AND our Mobile Ready platform give your website the best combination of needed web tools to promote your business!

All our websites are created with mobile users as well as desktop user. All websites are fully responsive and mobile compliant.

Not only are we mobile compliant... we have customized our environment (servers, web loaders, theme optimizers & more) to create a preferred mobile solution for search engines to pick up on. Rest assure that your website will serve up its mobile customers

Most searches now are taking place on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets and it's super important for your business website to get in front of these people online. With Rail Cloud Hosting we've created a system that allows you to be in the front of the line when it comes to mobile marketing needs.

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Google Datacenters

We've teamed up with Google and use their data centers to provide the backbone of your website and cloud application needs. You automatically benefit from the performance, security and speed of this network!

Our servers run on Google's compute engine world of global networked architecture.

What does this mean for you? It means you are backed by one of the world's biggest technology companies and your website or app is fully secured as you have the world's best engineers working hand in hand with ours to serve client needs.

Similar networks like Amazon' AWS and Microsoft's Azure, it allows us to easily expand resources and work in a mirrored environment where your information is networked globally to better serve your client needs. This allows for faster web viewing or cloud software performance.

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Cloud SaaS Platform

For our enterprise clients, we have provided the best custom cloud server architecture for your engineers to build amazing workflow applications!

Cloud computing is here to stay and continues to grow more and more everyday. Your business can utilize our platform to create easy workflow cloud apps to complex multi-user cloud based systems that help run day to day operations globally. We are experts in the cloud application environment and have created this cloud framework for business to use and create their cloud application needs..

  • Google Compute Engine Network
  • World's best security.
  • Lightning fast cloud performance.

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