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Remember all our hosting plans are privately setup and our engineers work one on one with you to provide personal service. Our goal is to provide you a solution that helps your business grow and makes it easy for you.

Application and features

Our Business plan and up are automatically configured with analytics to help improve search engine optimization.

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BeThemes Partners

We have partnered with BeThemes to provide all clients with easy to use, update and maintain Wordpress websites.

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Questions and answers

1Do I get to select any of the themes in your demos?
Yes, our plan includes us installing your theme, and leaving you with a fresh and ready Wordpress websites with all the necessary plugins ready to go. We install the demo content a you see on the demos and you will be able to edit them yourself. Don't have time to edit the website? We can change and setup the information for you for a small fee.
2Will I be number 1 on Google if I host here?
No one can guarantee that you will be number one in a search engine. What we know for sure, is that our clients are better prepared and optimized to be listed high in search engines. This becomes important to many of our customers that invest in companies that offer SEO/SEM services. Most of them understand and perform front layer SEO/SEM (content, backlinks, H-tagging, trends) but have zero understanding in technical needs like server architecture, server latency, syn flag speed, or coding architecture that enhances things like speed and seo. Many of our clients have SEO companies working for them and have come to realize that professional hosting played a major role in their results.
3Why are other hosting companies way cheaper?
The Godaddy’s of the world offer up the super cheap $5/month plans – all basic, no frills hosting plans meant for the regular Joe who has no idea what they really need. They do this then will have consistent pop-up fees for services that eventually become more expensive then using a pro service like ours. Railcloud focuses only on premium hosting for small to mid-size business owners. Unlike the others, our service is more than just hosting – as we give you what you need to succeed, including advice and help. If you want a hosting provider that looks out for your interests, then use us. We audit every website or application before you come onto our network to keep a smaller, sophisticated client base that allows us to provide quality services and support that other companies simply cannot.



Our data centers run the most advanced hardware architecture and provide safe, secure hosting for your data.

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